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Meanwhile in Dallas…

So, I’m still too annoyed, pissed, stunned, and a multitude of other feelings right now to talk about the Eagles game last night. I may literally go out and jump in traffic if I have to think about it any more for the time being. That being said, if you missed it, things are going amazingly in Dallas.


So, they decided this offseason that signing a man that, while talented, beats the shit out of women, threatens to murder them, and then pays them off so that he stays out of jail, was a good idea. Well, Greg Hardy is back from his suspension and things are going great!


Here is video for those that may not have seen what I’m talking about:



So, lets run down this list for a minute…


  • Beat Women: Check
  • Threaten to Murder People: Check
  • Get suspended from the NFL: Check
  • Get into a fight with a teammate in preseason: Check
  • Fight a Coach on field during a game: Check
  • Disrespect teammates during a game on the sideline: Check
  • Be the worlds worst human: Check


So, what does Jerry Jones have to say about this all?



I’m sorry… What did you just call him?!




I’m not sure if all the booze and Strippers have finally gotten to old man magoo, but there is no way someone can actually think that about this situation. I get you don’t want to throw him under a bus completely, but…



The Cowboys are doing something insane and very dangerous right now. They are supporting and enabling a man who has already proven to be a piece of shit, and completely unstable. Rather than suspending him, sending a message, or completely cutting bait and moving on they are giving him more chances to completely go insane.


I mean, just watch his post game “interviews” and you can see that he is on the cusp of exploding.



I don’t think that after the past 2 years the NFL (looking at you Roger) should be waiting to see how this one plays out.


If I’m the NFL I’ve already been on the phone with Jerry Jones. They have to take action as an organization, or the NFL should. This is not an isolated incident. This is not someone acting out of passion. This is a man with deep issues that has shown them in a grossly violent way before.



He needs to realize this world is not about him and what he wants.



But I guess as long as the Cowboys are making money, getting air time, and being “America’s Team” Jerry won’t give a shit.



Keep doing you Dallas.


Stay Classy.


And now The Social Media “Amazingness” for us all to enjoy at the Cowboys expense:





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