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The Flyers Have Placed Andrew MacDonald on Waivers

Glory be to Ron Hextall.

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More from Kyle Phillippi:

Hextall admits finding a spot for Scott Laughton and Brandon Manning on opening night is what made this move almost a necessity.

“It’s the opening night roster and Scotty pushed hard,” Hextall said. “I give him credit. He had to come in here and really make us a better team. That’s what he’s done. We’re a better team with Scott Laughton on our team. Give the team credit, he pushed the envelope.”

As for Manning, Hextall says the 25-year-old has “played well” after signing a one-way deal this offseason.

“He’s really been solid through preseason,” Hextall explained. “Brandon’s not the type of guy that jumps off the map at you, but he competes hard and is a solid defender. He has a little bit of an edge to him.”

Hextall says MacDonald was a little shocked at the decision and he admits it was disappointing to see it unfold this way.

Like he said, though, it’s a move that makes the team better and also lays the beginning ground work for what the future has in store for the Flyers.

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