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This Is Why Every City Has Dumb Fans

Every year there’s likely to be a few stupid occurrences from sports fans in this city, and we’ve become accustomed to it. We haven’t become accustomed to doing stupid things ourselves, we just know this city has a handful of numbskulls that decide they’re going to renew our city’s sports fan reputation for another year. Or twenty. But, unfortunately, there are many more numbskulls out there in other cities, and some of them have worse intentions than throwing snowballs at Santa.

Some examples:

Blue Jay fans inexplicably littering their own team’s field [and hitting a baby in the process] after what was a bad call from an umpire. In the 7th inning. Where it was a one-run game. Which means the home team still had three at-bats left to answer. [SB Nation]


Jose Bautista did answer with a three-run shot and a bat flip that will be enshrined in Cooperstown soon enough.

So the fans were rewarded for their bad behavior. It happens. I get it. This isn’t anything new in sports. However, it’s a bad look on Toronto and its fans because despite waiting 20+ years for that moment, they embarrassed themselves and have a chance to do so again. I’d say the odds would be pretty good for that to happen.

This Mets fan is in critical condition due to a fight outside Dodger Stadium. 

Witnesses said the New York Mets fan was punched and then fell, hitting his head. The fight happened in the stadium parking lot after the National League Division Series opener between the two teams.
People rushed to help the victim and one person, Maria Cerecer, caught the scene on camera.
“I walked closer and there was a gentleman on the floor and was bleeding profusely from the head. We got free rally towels that night, so they were holding the rally towels to his head,” she said.

Four years ago, the same thing happened to Giants fan, Bryan Stow. This fan reportedly has a piece of his skull missing.

I hope you all realize when getting into a fight that one punch that lands could conceivably end a person’s life. Be smarter.

This story, unfortunately, has a worse ending. A Cowboys fan died after trying to break up a fight outside AT&T Stadium on Sunday.

Police said Rick Sells, 43, got hit in the neck after the Cowboys game Sunday night when he tried to break up a fight. Sells died on Wednesday night, according to Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office records.
He was slated to get married next month, and his fiancée is expecting a baby girl. Sells’ family decided to take him off life support Wednesday after three surgeries didn’t improve his condition, his sister, Victoria Gunning, told KXAS-TV.

You can talk all the trash you want to other fans, but stuff like this is downright despicable.

But, go ahead national media, keep telling us how Eagles fans throwing snowballs at Santa or cursing at an opposing player is the worst thing a person could do. Keep telling us that chanting “She said no!” at Patrick Kane is some sort of mockery to rape victims to further push your agenda. That’s not how it works. How it works is while in the sports arena, you’re going to get on the opponent’s case at all costs. Kane, for all intents and purposes, is a bad guy that does bad things because he has a history of doing dumb shit. Is this the type of arena the fans should sit on their hands and keep their mouths shut, much like executives in these huge sports leagues do? No.
For what it’s worth, Blackhawks fans still love them some Patrick Kane and cheered him loudly in the preseason. Are they condoning he might be a possible rapist? No. Get a clue.

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