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It’s Dallas Week: Eagles Players Say Cowboys Are Cry Babies

We are almost there. It’s Dallas week! My blood is pumping, boiling, and filled with one-liners ready to fling at any Cockroach fans! So, we know our passion is felt around the city, but what do the players have to say heading into the revenge game this Sunday night? Rising star, Bennie Logan, had something to say:

“They just whine and complain about everything,” Logan said. “Shut up and play ball. I’m gonna hit you hard every snap. Stop complaining about this and this. That just bugs me. You’re a man. It’s football. Shut up and get hit and take it like a man.”

Take it like a man! Boom, you tell em’ Bennie! For real, we now know Bennie is not a fan of Dallas or their O-Line. Last year he was quick to say the Cowboys O-Line was “nothing special” while the whole world was down on their knees for them. The outcome after his statements? The Eagles shutdown the Cowboys running game, and made them look average at best.

So, was this just the opinion again of a veteran that has learned to hate Dallas? Not so fast. Our rookie CB, Eric Rowe, had something to say as well.

“From the last game, I saw at least on the offensive side, a lot of them cried a lot,” Rowe explained. “They also want a lot of penalties. I saw Jason Witten, every time he was covered he looked for a flag and complained and pointed at the ref. Couple of the receivers were looking at the refs looking for PI. Cry babies? Well, yeah if you want to put it like that.”

I’s say this is a totally unfair completely accurate look into who the Cowboys are, and how they still have an entitled “America’s Team” attitude. Last game this was a tweet I put out during the game:

So clearly we see it as fans, and the players see it and hear it on the field as well. Here’s further picture proof with commentary below:

“You know we are America’s team, right? We had you on our party bus in the playoffs last year! Throw a damn flag!!!”


“I slapped my own motha fo’ less, homie. Don’t make me pop the trunk on a fool! Imma get dat ass if you don’t throw a fuckin’ flag!”

“But come on guuuuyyyyys. I-I-I-I… Ugh!!! I just can’t even right now. Jerryyyyyyyy, the refs are being mean again! *hmmmmph*”

So you know what Dallas? Shut the fuck up, and get ready! We are coming for you, and Bennie already said you better “Man Up”!


H/T to Bleeding Green Nation

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