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Report: Eagles Didn’t Have Interest in Guard La’El Collins

While we have spent the early weeks watching the likes of Matt Tobin and Allen Barbre block like an open screen door, an interesting nugget has come out regarding Cowboys OG La’El Collins.

Collins went undrafted after a murder investigation, however he was originally slated to be a mid to late first round pick. That says a lot about a Guard’s skill set, as very few ever get first round consideration. So why didn’t the Eagles have interest?

So what report do we believe? The usually reliable and well connected, Mosher? Or do we believe the Jason Cole report?

Now, those seven teams that have expressed interest, aside from Buffalo and Miami … you have Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans. Those five in addition to the initial two, again, Miami and Buffalo.

While this may be frustrating if we believe the Mosher report, it may also be a bit skewed. Mosher said Collins was “red-flagged” by the Eagles, but he didn’t say he was off their board. It is a strong possibility that the Eagles were not interested in Collins in the first round, but as later?

That’s where the whole report gets muddy. As the draft moved on reports came out that Collins would holdout, and not sign if he was drafted after the 3rd round. Why? Because there is no guaranteed money. However, being an undrafted free agent means he could sign a fully guaranteed contract, which he did.

So while we continue to watch poor O-line play, we will be left to wonder “What if?”. We will also be watching La’el Collins in Cowboy blue for at least 3 years. Here’s to dreaming!

Editor’s note: I truly believe Chip wouldn’t have wanted a guy like Collins in his locker room. If they red-flag someone, I’m thinking they took him totally off their board at any point.

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