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Video: John Cena “Slams” Donald Trump for His Anti-Muslim Comments

The last couple of days we’ve talked about Donald Trump and the disgrace that he’s been to all of mankind, especially as of late with comments that he’s made about Muslims. Asshole or not, Trump certainly knows how to get people talking about him. We’ve come to find out that he’s pissed off one really big WWE superstar.

John Cena is on a little break from the WWE at the moment. He went on NBC’s Today show to promote his new movie. The Today crew was discussing Trump’s comments and Cena had the following to say.

Well said, John. Trump better watch out before Cena locks the STFU on him.

Wrestlers tend to get a bad rap, but Cena proved here that he isn’t so bad. Clearly Donald Trump doesn’t care who he pisses off, but I’m glad to see people come out and speak up against Trump’s ignorance. We need more of it.

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