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Former Neshaminy Basketball Coach Jerry Devine Charged

After Jerry Devine head-butted a referee, many thought he wouldn’t only lose his job as the head basketball coach at Neshaminy High School, but maybe even his teaching job, in addition to being charged in the incident. If you’ve been living under a rock, we posted the incident moments after it happened on January 5th.

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Devine would go on to lose his head coaching job of the boys basketball team, but he was reinstated as a teacher and is back in the classroom. However, today, word broke that Devine would be charged with harassment, which is a summary offense – the most minor type of criminal offense in Pennsylvania – which could carry a maximum jail sentence of 90 days and a $300 fine.



  1. Kevin Kane

    their heads never made contact. your little article is inflammatory and inaccurate. But I will presume this site/blog is more about clickbait and not accuracy.

  2. Nick Piccone

    Presume away. Concrete evidence their heads never made contact? And don’t tell me it’s because the referee didn’t touch his head afterward.

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