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Here’s Another Reason to Hate Those Hilariously Terrible Cowboy Fans

Much is to be said about Philly fans and their behavior. Sure, a lot of it is exaggerated for the national media to poke fun at us, and a bunch of rival fans pounce on us when they have the chance without knowing, you know, anything about throwing snowballs at a drunk Santa or things like that.

Sure, we’ve had our embarrassing moments nationally, but so do other fans of other cities, and today was a perfect example of that. Redskins cornerback, Dashaun Phillips, suffered an injury during today’s game that required him to be carted off the field. Obviously nobody wants to see a player get injured. Apparently, not even the Cowboy fans, because they begun doing the wave.

Not to mention I hate the wave and think it’s ridiculous to do, but the timing of this? Stay… dare I say… classy… Dallas?

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