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The Sixers May Kill Superfan Joey

So, I’m not 100% sure of all the “rules” to what Syperfan Joey is doing here. All I know is that we want and deserve Ben Simmons, and Lord, please help this man survive the season. I’m pretty sure doctors advise against this type of stuff, but hey… it’s Philly. We need as many drinks as we can get. It just seems like Joey is willing to shoulder most of that activity.


Side note: This man followed this up by crushing two pizzas. He is the definition of savage!


  1. Brian Fulginiti

    Joey is family and received the Loyalty award by Motivational Movement. He keeps all 9,000 fans in his sixers 24/7 group pumped for every game. We tried taking shots for him, not joey, hes a man of his word! Gotta respect him

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