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Another Reason to Hate Penguins Fans! Disrespecting Ed Snider During a Moment of Silence

Last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins opened their playoff series with a moment of silence for the late Flyers owner, Ed Snider. It was a classy move by the organization, and we certainly appreciated the sentiment. However, some of their fans decided that hearing themselves on television and being stupid was more important.

Look, I get that Pittsburgh doesn’t like us, and we sure as hell don’t like them. I also understand keeping “bad blood” for the good of a rivalry. However, disrespecting someone that has passed away and done so much for the sport you claim to love? That’s just a scumbag piece of shit move. Do I hate the Penguins? Yes! Would I ever think to disrespect a human being, his family, friends, and all they have done for a sport just because I didn’t like the team they owned? Never.

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