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Sam Bradford Had No Options Other Than to Return to the Eagles

Unfortunately for me, and for him, Sam Bradford had no more options other than to return to the Eagles. Whether it was today or some time in the future, Bradford’s best bet was to come to voluntary workouts, or camp next month when it became mandatory for players to attend.

I wanted him out. After he made his trade demand, I was done with him. Even though I liked the signing. But what trumps what I liked previously was the assclown attitude he and his agent had towards what the fans knew publicly that they apparently didn’t, and that was infuriating. Trying to play a game with the front office and the fans wasn’t going to work, especially when the fans knew what was going on. That’s why I got so angry. You just don’t do that.

And, anyway, what gave him the right to demand something after what he’s done in his career? He had no leverage, and that proved true over time. So, he returned to the team today.

ESPN’s Mark Dominik was on SiriusXM Blitz on SiriusXM NFL Radio earlier today and said that Bradford had no other option than to return to the team. And there’s one big reason –┬áChase Daniel. Whether he’s good enough or not, Doug Pederson is comfortable with Daniel┬áto be their starter if Bradford isn’t. The Eagles had said from the start they would listen to offers for Bradford, because why wouldn’t they? If someone offered them a first-round pick, they’d do that in a heartbeat.

But, the reality is that would never happen. And it didn’t happen. And now we have three quarterbacks with Wentz primed to take over, maybe as early as the 2017 season.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if Bradford has the best year of his career, because I think he’ll be gone after this season anyway.

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