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The Goldbergs Will Honor Ed Snider in an Upcoming Episode

Adam Goldberg, a good, close, personal friend of mine, has done it again. When he created The Goldbergs a few years ago, I wondered how well a show that’s set in 1980s Philadelphia would do on network television in 2013. I quickly became a fan of the show and blogged about it ad nauseam until other local sites started picking it up. The Philly themes, especially when they invoke the sporting teams, are always fun to watch. And we’re getting another one next week. Next Wednesday’s edition of the show, May 11th, will feature an episode dedicated to the memory of Ed Snider. Here’s a synopsis from 

The ABC family comedy “The Goldbergs” will dedicate an upcoming episode to the memory of Philadelphia Flyers founding owner and chairman Ed Snider, who died April 11.
The episode dedicated to Snider, which is titled “Big Orange,” will debut May 11 at 8:30 p.m. ET. In the show, middle son Barry has his favorite orange Flyers T-shirt stolen by his mother and girlfriend. Barry enlists his older sister Erica and younger brother Adam to help him investigate.
The show is written and produced by Adam Goldberg and is a semi-autobiographical account of his family and upbringing in Jenkintown, Pa., a Philadelphia suburb. Goldberg is a Flyers fan and the show frequently has featured the team’s logo.

The Goldbergs is currently in its third season and has already been renewed for a fourth. It airs Wednesdays at 8:30 P.M. on ABC.


H/T to reader Megan


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