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Bernie Sanders Was Booed By His Supporters in Such a Philly Way

Democratic National Committee chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman, was booed this morning following the WikiLeaks DNC email leak over the weekend. Any trust people had in the Democratic Party was seriously damaged.

Today, Bernie Sanders spoke and told the masses that they must vote for Hillary, pretty much completely conceding a possible third party run after the email leak really damaged his party in the eyes of many, since it was more of a sabotage of Sanders’ campaign than anything. After endorsing Hillary, Sanders was promptly booed by his own supporters. At least no batteries nor snowballs were thrown.

“This is the real world we live in.”

Sanders mainly talked about how bad Donald Trump would be for the presidency, not about how great Hillary Clinton would be. A lesser of two evils election in November? You betcha.

And I’m not so sure Sanders will get his “wish.”


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