Daytime Festivities for Day One of the #DNCinPHL Include Protests, Food Trucks, and a 51-Foot Joint

It’s day one of the Democratic National Convention and the early hours of this political event had the city of Philadelphia buzzing. With temperaments just as changing as the summer weather, today’s events ranged from displays of unity, food and laughter, and protests. Here are some of the engaging and key highlights so far:


Earlier today the Democratic National Convention hosted over 30 food trucks for a tasting showcase. Reminiscent of the city’s beloved Night Market series, the event which ran from 11AM-3PM, had many people huddling on the streets to indulge in a wide array of locally grown, diverse, and tasty meals.


Joint Session

Protesters and supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders found an alternative way to display their displeasure with the current fracture within the Democratic Party. A 51 foot long joint became the main spectacle of today’s festivities as people paraded the inflatable object through the streets that read “Berned By The DNC” on it. The fervor for senator has certainly been inflamed by the recent email scandal sweeping the political party. Look for more demonstrations  of support throughout the city in the next coming days.

Policy Protests

Massive immigration protestors took to the streets of Philadelphia today. Droves of individuals voiced their insistence for pro-immigration and anti-deportation policies. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney also led a panel discussion on the topic with the mayors of New York and Phoenix:

There was also a speaking engagement on the topic this afternoon:

Convention Prep

Tonight’s speaker lineup includes Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Astrid Silva. The DNC will also include musical guests like Boyz II Men and Demi Lovato. The group of speakers and performers began sound check and preparations for tonight’s headlining festivities.

The convention was gaveled to order at 4 PM today. National television  is as follows:

  • C-SPAN is proving coverage all day.
  • CNN, FOX News and MSNBC began coverage at 4 p.m. ET.
  • PBS has live coverage from 8 to 11 p.m. ET.
  • ABC, CBS, NBC has live coverage from 10 to 11 p.m.

You can watch the convention live on the Democratic National Convention website.

Also YouTube, FOX News and C-SPAN all have live streams available via Facebook.

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