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The Sixers Will Open the 2016-17 Season against the OKC Thunder on ESPN

The NBA released the schedule for the upcoming 2016-17 NBA season. Here are what the Sixers have to look forward to this season:

  • Sixers begin the season at home against the Thunder on 10/26. The game will be broadcast on ESPN.
  • Cavaliers visit Philly 11/5 and 11/27.
  • Celtics come to town on 12/3 and 3/19.
  • Games against the Utah Jazz (home) on 11/7 and the Houston Rockets (away) on 11/14 will be broadcast on NBA TV.
  • Home-and-home against the Pacers on 11/9 (away) and 11/11 (home).
  • Mike D’Antoni returns as the head coach of the Houston Rockets on 1/27. The Sixers visit Houston on 11/14.
  • The Spurs visit Philly on 2/8.
  • The Golden State Warriors visit Philly on 2/27.
  • Lakers come to town on 12/16. This game will also be broadcast on ESPN.
  • The Sixers visit the Minnesota Timberwolves on 11/17, and that game will be broadcast on TNT.
  • Sixers end the season at MSG against the Knicks on 4/12.
  • Sixers have 17 sets of back-to-backs during the season.

You can check out the entire schedule here. Or you can download it here.

For more on the schedule as it pertains to other NBA teams, click here.

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