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Must-Listen: Drunk Fan Gets Epic Play-By-Play Call Courtesy of Kevin Harlan on ‘MNF’

Last night’s 49ers blowout win against the Rams lacked much in the form of entertainment. That was until Kevin Harlan passionately gave an epic play-by-play call of a drunken fan that decided to jump onto the field.

“The guy is drunk, but there he goes!”

Perfect! Watch and listen below.

Here’s the full chase live and synced up with the audio.

Oh, and real quick, can we forget about Chip Kelly now and move on? Twitter was ablaze last night with Philly hate on Chip. He’s gone, most of his roster is gone, we have a new franchise QB, a new coach, and our first win in the bag. Let’s move on and stop looking like scorned exes after a middle school breakup.

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