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Chip Kelly – Headed Back to College after This Season?

Chip Kelly could be heading back to college less than a year after taking the head coaching job with the San Francisco 49ers. According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, Kelly heading back to college after this season is almost a near certainty after he spoke with several NFL coaches.

You are going to hear a ton about San Francisco 49ers coach Chip Kelly returning to college football in the coming weeks. A ton.

Especially as boosters at top NCAA programs start putting feelers out all over the place. You’ll hear rumors about Jon Gruden and possibly Sean Payton as well (yes, even after just signing that long-term extension). With schools like LSU and Texas and Oregon and Penn State all possibly in that mix, it’s going to heat up soon.

Kelly’s offense continues to be ridiculed by his peers in the NFL, and several coaches I spoke to expect him to hit the eject seat button after this season and return to college before his stock continues to drop given the horrible roster he has in San Francisco.

“He just keeps running the same shit and it isn’t fooling anybody,” one NFL executive said. “Do you think they could bring him back to Oregon?”

It seems like Chip’s never been able to adjust to the league adjusting to him, regardless of who he has on the roster. Chip the GM was a disaster, but Chip the coach – in the NFL – might quickly be becoming the most overrated coach in NFL history.

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