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Jason Peters Is Going to “Demand” the Eagles to Fight Until the End

The Philadelphia Eagles can pretty much forget about the playoffs following Monday night’s 27-13 loss to the Green Bay Packers, but veteran left tackle Jason Peters still wants the team to fight all the way until the end.

“We just have to keep all the young guys in the right direction, staying positive, coming to work, not going off the reservation,” Peters said via CSN Philly. “Just staying positive, showing up Wednesday, Thursday ready to work and letting it go on Sunday … I’m going to demand it of them. They know if they come to work, I’m going to make them come to work just like I come to work. I’m going to make them put up just like I put up on Sunday. I’m going to demand their best every Sunday for the next five weeks.”

Peters knows the Eagles have to win all five of their games down the stretch to even have a chance at sniffing the postseason.

“It felt like we needed this one, including the next five,” Peters said. “We just have to put our head down and try to finish strong and get the next five. There’s no other way around it.”

Nope, and even five in a row might not be enough.

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