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Brett Brown Feels Worse for Richaun Holmes Than Nerlens Noel

Following Sunday night’s 108-107 victory over the Brooklyn Nets at the Wells Fargo Center, Sixers head coach Brett Brown found himself talking more about a player that didn’t make the box score than any part of the victory his team just notched.

Before Sunday night’s game, Brown told the media that center Nerlens Noel was essentially benched for the time being. After the game, Brown was again talking about Noel and if he thought the former Kentucky Wildcat got a fair shot to earn time in the big man rotation, however, his comments were a bit surprising. [H/T Christopher Vito]

“I feel worse for Richaun [Holmes]. I think when I put my human hat on, and then you go coach a team and try to be the head coach, coach a team, make decisions, show leadership, that stands out to me as much as anything. You know?

“Nerlens missed everything. 20 minutes before the game last week, I learned he was going to play. He hasn’t been a part of us. I think this conversation goes to a higher level, a more-real level in a few weeks, when he’s actually had some practices. Richaun’s been here since Day 1. I feel that is something that’s on my mind as much as Nerlens.

“I’ve spoken freely about my fondness for Nerlens Noel. I’ve been with him since he was here. I will coach him. I will help him. What that means, we won’t see on the floor, and maybe that’s where I could help him the most. But I don’t believe at this moment that is best for our team.”

First, Brown may have hinted at how long this de facto benching may last for Noel when he said that the conversation “goes to a higher level” in a few weeks. It may not be until mid-January until Noel gets significant playing time again. Secondly, one can easily interpret this as saying that Brown wants Noel gone. It seems as the Brown is not happy with how Noel chose not to be with the team during his rehab, didn’t make an effort to support the team in his absence on the court, and has only made headlines with his trade rumors and comments about a lack of playing time.

Noel has been rumored to be heading to multiple teams, however, the Portland Trail Blazers have emerged as a favorite for quite a few weeks. He wants out of Philly and it seems as though Brown wouldn’t lose any sleep if he was shipped off. Bryan Colangelo, the ball is in your court.

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