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Who’s Officiating Today’s Eagles-Bengals Game?

The last few weeks it has not mattered who was the referee assigned to the Eagles game as the Birds found ways to lose games without intervention from the zebras. With the loss to the Packers last week the Eagles’ playoff chances drastically increased, but a loss this week would hammer in the final nail in the coffin.

The ref in charge of today’s must-win game for the Eagles is Jeff Triplette. According to ESPN Stats & Info, Triplette has called only 28 pass defense penalties this season, which is the ninth most among NFL refs this season. John Parry has called the most pass defense penalties this season with 48 of them.

That lower number associated with Triplette bodes well for the Eagles secondary, who is certainly breathing a sigh of relief knowing that it won’t need to face A.J. Green, as he is out with an injury.

The Eagles defense, which has regressed in recent weeks, needs all the help it can get. The defensive line has struggled to get to the quarterback as of late, which has put more pressure on the secondary, who hasn’t exactly stepped up. It may have to do that, even with Green’s absence, and according to the data, they may be able to get physical back there, and get away with it.

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