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Sum of All Sports Report: MLB Opening Day 2017

Opening Day in Major League Baseball is upon us and the national pastime surely will not disappoint. As fans open up their eyes to popcorn and peanuts, the spotlight will be on the numerous pitching matchups that are World Series worthy.

Whether it’s Madison Bumgarner vs. Zack Greinke or Corey Kluber vs. Yu Darvish, MLB Opening Day 2017 will be electric as always. With the vision of Game 7 still fresh in every fan’s mind, the anticipation for the first pitch cannot be underestimated. However, with a fresh season comes a new set of questions. Can the Cubs repeat? Will the Tribe be able to dust off defeat and duplicate success? Who will exceed expectations and who will fall short? Here are a few of my predictions below.

World Series Match Up…Houston Astros vs. LA Dodgers

World Series Winner….Houston Astros

Biggest Trade Deadline Piece…..Andrew McCutchen

AL Cy Young….Yu Darvish, Texas Rangers

NL Cy Young…..Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers

Most Surprising Team….Colorado Rockies

NL MVP……Bryce Harper

AL MVP……Jose Altuve


Fantasy Sports Expert and Real Sports Insider Tony Cutillo uses his expertise to elaborate on the upcoming MLB season and offers his unique insight on who will be standing at the end of the race. Along with MLB 2017, he gives us a wide variety of topics that will keep all the Fantasy Sports, Real Sports and Sports Entertainment Fans sparking up a debate.


* NFL Free Agency Update….Does anyone want Colin Kaepernick?….This is a very interesting and sensitive topic. There are various sides to every story. However, when you decide to exhibit such a stern stance in a giant spotlight you have to expect pushback. Whether we agree or disagree with the way Kap decided to let his feelings known, it still impacted the game along with society in general.


With such a controversial issue, the owners look like they do not want a side show to overcast their own philosophy. Is that wrong? I think the only way you can answer that question is to put yourself on the other side and wonder if you would be able to deal with the circus that comes from such an acquisition. Remember, this isn’t Tom Brady and is every bit of an underperforming Colin Kaepernick. What would you do?


* NBA….Paul George to be Moved in the Offseason?….As the trade deadline came and went, it left a few moving parts behind. One of those parts was Paul George. The Indiana Pacers are a mess and now could be the time to rebuild. When you have your best player at the tail end of his term with a less than 50/50 chance of resigning, it is time to move on. George, 25, has one year remaining on his contract and his recent comments after another painful loss are very telling.

“I’m pissed,” George said. “At this point in the season, you don’t have games like this, being up four with under a minute and letting an opponent come in and beat you, especially a young team … You don’t give that up. It’s a very frustrating loss.”

“There’s no urgency, no sense of urgency, no winning pride,” George said. “This locker room is just not pissed off enough… We should have a professional approach, man… As a team, we’ve got to have a grit and we’ve got to own up, man up.”

The time is now for him to move and this offseason will surely have various storylines involving the Indiana superstar. Where will he be playing next season?


* NFL Movement….The Las Vegas Raiders are Ready for Lift Off…..The move may take up until the year 2020 to come full circle, but after a decisive 31-1 vote the Raiders will be battling in Vegas. The new $1.9 billion, 65,000-seat dome stadium in Las Vegas will be shared with UNLV. This is a historic move and one that comes with plenty of questions. What will this mean to the world of sports gambling? Will the colors remain the same? Does this move tarnish the Raider name?


* NBA Turnaround….Golden State Excels without KD. Will his return stop the momentum?….When Kevin Durant signed with the Warriors there were several questions about his ability to fit in with an already successful team. An offense that has revolved around a barrage of outside shooting parameters is now asked to take the shape of constant isolation. Would it work? Would a lineup with no true center work as well?

The criticism was there and the Warriors started out slow. They weren’t dominant form the jump, but slowly molded into form. However, when KD suffered a knee injury that would require at least a 4 week recovery, the eyes were back on the team. Now that the team is clicking on all cylinders with an offense that looks closer to that of the 2014-15, what happens when KD returns?


* WWE….WrestleMania 33 Takes Shape….Will the show disappoint?…. It’s WrestleMania season and the show is about to explode. With a stage that includes an actual roller coaster, the excitement is as high now as it has been during any point throughout the wrestling calendar. All eyes have been pointed to the match between Brock and Goldberg, but the high point may actually be the return of a tag team who currently isn’t even on the roster.

Let’s face it wrestling fans, the build to this year’s event has been less than stellar and has left us scratching our heads for answers. Most of the matches have predictable outcomes and the most charismatic performer (AJ Styles) on the roster was looking for a match up until three weeks ago when Shane O’Mac had to step up once again. However, all this lack of interest can be revamped with a return of the Hardy Boyz at some point in the event. Whether it be a secret attack or just an unexpected promo, a Hardy Boyz return would turn Orlando into the 4th of July. If they return, how do you think it will be planned?


The Sum of All Sports Report has been running throughout the general media world and now it is a part of Philly Influencer. Its purpose is to utilize the various sports associations and bring them all into one specific theme. Debating and conversing the various opinions of the people continues to be the heart of sports media. Now it can all be done in one place.


Tony Cutillo has been using this report to gain traction all across the United States. From California to Colorado, his interviews, articles and weekly segments can be heard all across the media sector. He welcomes all opinions and debates. Now is your chance join in the fun!


Meet Tony Cutillo:

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