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Philly Influencer Spotlight Episode 4: Candis McLean

On this episode of Pi Spotlight (on Facebook Live and in podcast form), Pi’s own Candis McLean (@CandisRMcLean) steps up to the mic and BROUGHT THE NOISE! Many topics were discussed. For starters, Janet Jackson is a thief, how Candis would’ve handled the United plane incident, how come Chappelle’s Show isn’t talked about like The Wire or The Sopranos, and on top of all of that, Candis schooled Brace in a beat battle featuring Timbaland vs. Pharrell.

It was the first time having Candis in the new Pi studios and most certainly won’t be the last! She’s good! Press play and enjoy!



Podcast link here.


You can follow Sean Brace on Twitter (@Sean_Brace) and e-mail him at [email protected]. You can also watch him on FOX 29 on Friday nights, and on ‘Good Day Weekend’ on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

You can follow Candis McLean on Twitter (@CandisRMcLean) and e-mail her at [email protected].

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