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Michael Lombardi Finally Admitted He Was Wrong about Doug Pederson … Kind Of

Michael Lombardi finally ate some crow about Doug Pederson.

Sort of.

During the latest Ringer podcast, Lombardi, who said before the season that Pederson was the least qualified NFL coach he’d seen in 30-plus years in the NFL, changed his stance and said that he was wrong about how far he went with his criticism.

“I admit, I’m wrong. Okay, Doug Pederson was way better than I thought he was going to be in terms of his ability to lead that team. I think Jim Schwartz is a tremendous defensive coordinator. I think he deserves a lot of credit here. But I thought (Pederson) did a really good job with Nick Foles (against Atlanta). So all you Philly fans give me all this crap about, ‘Give Doug Pederson his due,’ yeah, okay, I was wrong. He’s a better coach. Now he’s going to have to do it again this week, and we’ll see how that is, but for me, I think when you win a playoff game, and you beat a team that you’re an underdog to, and you beat Matt Ryan, and Nick Foles plays well enough, I think you deserve it. I think I have to admit, hey look, I think I was wrong in terms of how far I went with Doug, I’m not sure how great of a coach Doug is, but I was wrong in terms of how far I went with it.”

He’s still not sure how great of a coach he is, huh? I guess we’ll find out this weekend.


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