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Predictions for Eagles at Saints Week 11

Well, we all fell for it.

I don’t know one Eagles fan that wasn’t confident heading into last week’s game against the Cowboys. It was supposed to be Dallas’ funeral. Instead, it might have just been the Eagles’ viewing. There’s still hope left… but it’s dwindling quickly.

A loss against the Saints this weekend means the Birds are all but out of the playoff hunt. Could they really win the division at 10-6 or 9-7? Sure… but the rest of the dominoes have to fall their way. And this season, that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

The Super Bowl Hangover is real. But this year, it’s real for the winners.

To the predictions:

Candis McLean (4-5, @CandisRMcLean):

When I think of this game, I think of the first battle scene in 300. The one where Leonidas yells, “Give them nothing but take from them, everything!” It was a slaughter. Leonidas starts soaring through the air, slicing men’s throats, and thundering his spear into their chests. On Sunday, Drew Brees will be that Spartan king. On both sides of the ball, the Eagles are in shambles and disarray. On the opposite side, you have the hottest team in the NFL. Let’s get ready to be kicked down a well while “This is New Orleans!” rings throughout the Superdome.

Saints 48-20.

Anthony Mazziotti (4-5, @AntMazziotti):

Can the Eagles win this game? Sure. Can I justifiably pick them? Nope. I think the offense picks it up but the defense is too leaky. Maybe next week they’ll get back in the win column.

Saints 31-27.

Mike Diaz (1-8, @PhillyMike):

I’ve seen some people put their faith in Carson Wentz this week in that he will do Wentz things and, with a turnover or two, the Eagles can steal a game from the Saints. I also heard someone compare this game to the Patriots game a few years ago when they were really good and we were really mediocre and we stunned them in their own stadium.

Let me tell you, this game will be none of those things.

I’ve been to the Superdome four times for Eagles games, and they’ve only won once. It’s easily the biggest home-field advantage in the NFL. The Saints are really, really good, have the inside track at home-field advantage in the playoffs, and have the league’s MVP in Drew Brees. We are beat up and banged up and cannot score. How many points are teams in the NFL allowed to score? Whatever that number is, the Saints will score that many.

Saints: All The Points, Eagles 20.

Tony Cutillo (3-6, @TCutillo23):

There are so many thoughts rolling around in my head as I prepare for this week’s game. Is it really “Any Given Sunday” in the NFL? Is it wrong to expect Carson Wentz to throw the team on his back and beat out Drew Brees? Ryan Fitzpatrick did drop 48 on the Saints, didn’t he? Can our defense put it together for one big stand? When I look at these scenarios realistically, I honestly think they are possible. However, my gut still tells me we are going to come up just a tad short; that could be the headline of our season.

Saints 42-35.

Adrian Fedkiw (4-5, @AdrianFedkiw):

While this New Orleans game has a similar feel to the New England miracle in 2015, let’s remember that the Eagles needed a blocked punt return TD, punt return TD and pick-six to pull off that shocker. I just don’t see the Eagles winning Sunday.

Saints 31-24.

Sean Brace (4-5, @Sean_Brace):

I will be in the building Sunday! I think this game will be close and high scoring. Both teams in the 30s. Unfortunately, I think the Eagles come up just short. Be sure to follow me on all socials (@Sean_Brace) to be in on all the NOLA shenanigans.

Saints 39-31.

Nick Piccone (2-7, @nickpiccone):

I didn’t learn my lesson. For some reason, it just didn’t feel like the Eagles could lose to a bad Dallas team, at home, wearing all-black, on Sunday Night Football. There was just no way that was going to happen with this Eagles team.

But it did. Instead of finding ways to win games like last season, this team has set the clock back two years and have been finding ways to lose games. The talk has turned to the losses on the coaching staff of Frank Reich and John DeFilippo. While I’d like to give Doug Pederson a little more credit than that, I do think he’s had a pretty bad season in terms of adapting in-game and calling certain plays in certain situations. He’s not wrong in the execution not being there, but he’s also got to put his players in better positions more often.

Where have I heard that before?

I think maybe I did finally learn my lesson. No more picking Eagles win. As much as I’d like to say it’s a reverse psychology thing, I’m not exactly sure who remaining on their schedule they are likely to beat.

Except the Giants. Again. Gotta roll with the home team this week, regardless of what color uniform they wear.

Saints 48-28.


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