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Heat Ratio: Why do they love to hate Carson Wentz?

Why all the hate for Carson Wentz?

Where does it stem from? Are people really having doubts about him as a franchise quarterback?

This week Tony (@TCutillo23) aka Jigsaw, John (@PGHJohn36) and Dave (@Coachdickson365) go around the world of sports while getting you ready for the Fantasy Football playoffs. On this episode they cover the following topics:

· Eagles/Giants recap
· What changed in the second half of the game?
· Do the Sixers need one more piece?
· MLB Hot Stove: Phillies rumors
· Does Brett Brown get a pass?
· Around the NFL
· Fantasy Football playoffs. Are you ready?
· Mariota/Winston
· The Baker Mayfield Effect
· The Heat Gauge: three players trending up/down

The Heat Ratio (@theheatratio) brings a set of unique views and opinions each week to focus on all the big sports stories making it to the top of the headlines. Come join in the discussion and make your opinions heard! Can you bring the Heat?

Listen to the entire episode below.

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The Heat Ratio (@theheatratio) is brought to you by Pi’s own Tony Cutillo and continues to bring a unique flavor to the world of podcasting. From top sports stories to everyday life, it’s all here just waiting for your take.


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  1. Firered Up

    Carson Wentz should not have signed that contract with Philly. Coach Pederson is literally killing him using him to carry the team to enough win until he replaces him with some washed out QB. This year its old bum Luke McCown last time it was Nick Foles. When his stock was still high Wentz should have walked away. Doug Pederson can’t coach Wentz. The Old line(pun intended) is washed up, too old & ineffective. The Eagles are wasting Wentz’s time. This organization is headed into the toilet. The defense is terrible that’s what happened once Howie Long retired. Fletcher Cox is a joke should’ve got Suh when the offer was on the table. Why is Jim Schwartz coaching anything? His only claim to fame is being 0-16 as a head coach. Carson Wentz should have went to Denver, SF, San Diego, NE or even Cincinnati (that job will become available). The narrative in Philly is false and negative. The o-line is old, washed up & bitter. Philly deserves Foles & Pederson playing an entire season to end it 3-13. Philly is not a good team. Pederson’s coaching for Wentz makes the Eagles look like a clown show. If he gets swept again this season get rid of him. The super bowl was luck nothing more. Leave these liberals to themselves. Let them hire a QB who is a tranny or whatever else they value & praise. Wentz needs to go to the owner & get rid of Pederson. If they say no then he should leave. Ten sacks per game is too much the ancient, useless, unprofessional o-line needs to go. Younger players and not so many black players more diversity. A good power back would work Darren Sproles and the running backs are terrible. Philly was so dumb they put Blount a two time SB champ out the door. Philadelphia Eagles = Failure.

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