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Daily Ticket: Drumheller breaks down Week 3 of the XFL after another 4-0 weekend

Mark Drumheller (@x_drumheller) joined Monday’s The Daily Ticket with Sean Brace on Fox Sports The Gambler.  After consecutive 4-0 weekends, Mark Drumheller recaps this weekend’s XFL action. Football is back in St. Louis and they discuss home field advantage and its edge in the XFL. Attendance was up to 81,000 across the league, an increase from 69,000 in Week 1.  The PJ Walker to Cam Phillips connection is the hottest in the XFL, and the Roughnecks are the only unbeaten team. They discuss the most surprising upset of the weekend, as Josh Johnson makes a statement leading the Wildcats to a 39-9 win over the previously unbeaten Defenders. Dallas is two different teams depending on their play-calling. Drumheller details how Bob Stoops and Hal Mumme hold the key to their success.

The XFL delivered this weekend for fans that wanted to see more scoring. Teams averaged close to 23 points per game and the conversation turns to how that will impact upcoming totals. He discusses the trend of unders and details a few reasons scoring should trend upward, including the point after touchdown conversions.

Today’s recap includes:

  • A breakdown of all four XFL games.
  • Cam Phillips career day in Tampa.
  • How Dallas dug themselves a hole with their play-calling.
  • The Week 4 schedule and some home dogs that could be profitable.
  • The viability of the XFL and Vince McMahon’s new approach.

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