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Your Morning Brew for Jan. 25, 2021: NFL Championship Weekend, new Eagles coach, and more

We’re back with the Brew, baby! Every Monday, we’re going to hit you in the face with a strong dose of Morning Brew. We will get you caught up with the key highlights, news, and notes from the weekend across the nation, so that you have everything that you need to know to start your week off right.

This weekend saw NFL Championship Sunday, Connor McGregor take another L, the Eagles officially announce their new head coach and so much more. So without any further delay, here’s your cup of Morning Brew for January 25, 2021.

• The Eagles have a new head coach

• The moment Jeffrey Lurie asked Nick Sirianni to become the Eagles’ HC

Frank Reich believes the Birds have a winner on their hands

• But not everyone is completely excited right now

• Duce Staley wants out

• Super Bowl LV is set:Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay… in Tampa Bay

• The Super Bowl odds are up

• Brady asks to say hi to his son after advancing to his 10th Super Bowl

• What Tom Brady playoff game would be complete with a little ref controversy?

• Is this the end of the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay?

• Twitter, of course, had their Bucs/Packers jokes

• Kansas City gets their chance for a repeat in the Super Bowl

• Tyreek Hill. Fast.

• Congrats to Andy Reid

• Buffalo goes through the tables

• What a day of gambling on Championship Sunday feels like

• Some useless knowledge from Rovell

• Joel Embiid for MVP

• Carter Hart did not have a very good night

• What the FOOK happened to Connor McGregor?

• And Twitter certainly had it’s share of fun with McGregor’s L

• YouTube tool Jake Paul was certainly not going to sit idly by and not take a dig at McGregor

• Coach K is a Dick!

• The icon Larry King passed over the weekend

• Who could forget this interaction between King & Jerry Seinfeld?

• A police SUV ran over a group of people on Saturday night in Tacoma, WA

• The Big Lie continues thanks to Rand Paul among others

• Madison Hawthorn wasn’t well prepared for this grilling

• The American people share responsibility for what happened at the Capitol on January 6th?

• Mexico’s President has coronavirus

• Announced Monday morning, the WWE Network will move to NBC Universal’s streaming platform, Peacock, in March

“WWE and NBCU reached a multiyear agreement giving Peacock exclusive streaming rights to WWE Network for American viewers. The over-the-top wrestling entertainment service’s existing U.S. subscribers (about 1.1 million in total) will be migrated over to Peacock Premium, where they’ll continue to get access to WWE Network but will pay 50% less per month while getting full access to the version of the Peacock Premium tier with ads.

“Peacock will launch WWE Network on March 18, 2021, when Peacock will begin the rollout of more than 17,000 hours of WWE Network new, original, and library programming (both on-demand and on a new 24-hour channel).

“WWE Network will be available on Peacock Premium (which includes ads) for $4.99 per month, half the price of WWE Network’s current $9.99/month pricing. The no-commercials Peacock Premium Plus plan, which costs $9.99/month, also will include WWE Network.

“The companies plans to share details of how existing WWE Network subscribers in the U.S. will be switched to Peacock (e.g., whether they will be automatically subscribed to Peacock) in the next few weeks. Nothing will change for WWE Network subscribers outside the U.S.”

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