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Your Morning Brew (7/12/21): UFC 264, EURO 2020, Sirianni, Simmons, and more

We’re back at it again with an all new Brew. It was a wild weekend that saw Conor McGregor break his ankle in a TKO loss to Dustin Poirier, and Ben Simmons get eviscerated at the ESPYs on national television. The MLB All-Star Game is almost upon us and a terrifying plot was uncovered just down the road from the game’s location. The Atlanta Braves suffered a major loss to their lineup. We have this and so much more, so let’s get to it.


Vince Velasquez should’ve just kept it moving

Archie Bradley, the DJ?

Tonight is MLB’s All-Star Home Run Derby

This is terrifying

Lane Johnson talks up Nick Sirianni

Speaking of the new head coach…

Sirianni seems like a good dude

DeVonta Smith won an ESPY

Ben Simmons, on the other hand, was roasted

I think Simmons will be okay, though

Simmons to Minnesota?

Seth Curry doesn’t want to see Simmons go

Conor McGregor loses by TKO

This is hard to watch

Is he right?

“Your wife is in me DMs”

Poirier wants more

Poirier’s wife wants to get her some, too

They don’t call him “Money” for nothing

Jake Paul rips McGregor

Before the McGregor fight, Paul shows off a new chain

Greg Hardy went night-night

So much blood…

Another angle of the wound

White nationalist Nick Fuentes gets booted from Twitter

Here’s a sample of that turd

Fuentes and his nerd herd took the road show over to CPAC in Dallas

As per usual, CPAC had a bunch of lunatics speaking

Don the Con Jr. made an appearance in Dallas

A sign outside of CPAC?

This weasel is such a liar

An Australian government ad for COVID-19

Marilyn Manson is in the news for the wrong reasons again

Tatis, Jr. is for the people

Terrible news for Ronald Acuña and the Braves

Here was the injury

The Joker won Wimbledon

This is just… WOW!

What a speech

Nice touch, Drake

This sucks

“nWo Week” just wrapped up, and who could ever forget how it all started…

The nWo made their WWE debut

Which defection shocked you the most?

Nice moment

Well, that didn’t go as planned

I’ll just leave things here

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