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Amazing jewelry designers from Philly to look out for

Philadelphia has a long history of beautiful jewelry – in Jewelers Row alone, there are more than 300 craftsmen and retailers. Philadelphia also has a wealth of amazing jewelry designers, each with their own unique aesthetic. If you’re looking for something special and sparkly, or a future heirloom, then you could get something custom-made, or even have an existing piece of jewelry repurposed into your own style by one of Philly’s homegrown designers. This will be something you will really treasure and want to pass down to the next generation.

Emily Chelsea

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding or engagement ring, then Emily Chelsea (2429 E Gordon St, Philadelphia, PA 19125) specialises in custom designs. You can “build a ring” with your choice of center stones, or have a unique design made to your specifications. If you’re choosing a diamond ring, just make sure that it’s stored properly. Storing your jewelry carefully will help it to stay pristine and prevent it from getting scratched or damaged. Emily Chelsea graduated from the Tyler School of Arts in 2011 and since then her business has thrived. She is a member of Ethical Metalsmiths and won the Equally Wed 2020 awards for her inclusive business ethic.

Stacey Fay

Stacey Far is an ethical jewelry designer in Philly that specializes in enamel, filigree and hand engraving. She often uses recycled stones and metal in her pieces and has a particular penchant for vintage-style classics. Stacey has degrees in environmental policy and ecology and is mostly self-taught. She takes inspiration from the meaningful events in people’s lives, from love to grief and mourning, to help her create interesting and unique designs.

Lauren Priori

Lauren Priori has her own store in Philadelphia (1719 Chestnut St Ste 300, Philadelphia, PA 19103), where she creates rings and heirloom jewelry using a mix of classic techniques and CAD technology. She works both from sketches and 3D CAD drawings to create her unique designs. Lauren specialises in taking existing heirlooms and redesigning them with a modern twist to suit her client. Lauren is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and also of the Gemological Institute of America.

Philadelphia is an inspiring place for jewelry designers. There are many talented designers living and working in the city that can create your perfect piece of jewelry to last more than a lifetime.

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