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Your Pi Brew (1/17/22): Eagles get crushed in Tampa, NFL Playoffs, and more

We’re back with a new Brew. The road to the Super Bowl is under way. The Eagles forgot they had a game against Tampa Bay yesterday and got destroyed, but they weren’t the only NFL team to get mauled this weekend. The Dallas Cowboys also lost on Sunday, but America won. The NHL All-Star game is headed to Las Vegas. Car jackings are on the rise in Philadelphia. We have a lot to cover, so let’s do this. It’s Brew time!

That was painful to watch

The recap

The G.O.A.T. did it again

Get. Reagor. Off. The. Team. Now.

Perhaps the best tweet ever

This killed any hopes the Birds had

This is why we can’t have nice things

Too bad the Eagles didn’t throw to him more

Walking boot or not, Hurts owns it

If Howie screws this up…

How’d we do with our predictions?

Eagles and fans got killed everywhere

Tom Brady addressed the snub

Not all was lost for Eagles fans yesterday

The Cowboys screwed the Cowboys

Nickelodeon games are wild

Look at these disgusting fans in Dallas…


You hate to see it

The Eagles weren’t the only team to get killed this weekend

Patriots fans

Dildo on the field

Pigs must be flying…the Bengals won a playoff game


The Chiefs advance

Big man touchdown

The End

Whatever it takes

This could go on for a while

This is a serious problem

Attempted car jacking at Willow Grove Mall

Good! Now do the Trump crime family and those that aided him

Kevin McCarthy is a Cuck

Republican politicians are COWARDS

Rand Paul has been lying for a long time

Screw OANN!

Joe Rogan…Doctor for the Stupid

This sounds about right

Why are there so many idiots in America?

I’m so confused

Terror at a Synagogue

Deadline extended


What is wrong with some people?

That’s quite the crew

In this week’s Kanye/Kim K news…

Lil’ Wayne drops a new mixtape

Sibling rivalry

The NHL All-Stars have been announced

Claude Giroux gets the nod

Are you digging these or nah?

Wrestlemania Chamber?

What a mess

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