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Your Pi Brew (1/24/22): NFL Divisional Round, 76ers, and more

We’re back with a new Brew. It was another wild weekend with the NFL Playoffs and perhaps the greatest weekend in NFL history. Championship Sunday is all set. Both Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady’s seasons are over. Joel Embiid has been playing lights out lately. The trade deadline is looming in the NBA, but will Ben Simmons still be on the 76ers after it?  So let’s get right to it. It’s Brew time!

The Rams eliminate Tom Brady and the Bucs

Once down 27-3, the Bucs fought back

What. An. Ending.

Will the G.O.A.T. retire?


They survived


49ers upset Dr. Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers

The play that changed the game

A field goal for the win

You’re damn right


Next week in Hollywood

The Bengals stun the Titans

Here was the game winning field goal

This catch by AJ Brown…wow!!!

Big Red’s squad advances in a thriller

Gabriel Davis… just unreal

Are you kidding me?

Allen to Davis again

And this set up the game tying field goal

Kelce for the win

Mahomes with a spectacular throw

Heartbreaking loss for the Bills

Unbelievable weekend

Bengals at Chiefs next week

This is going to be great!

Can’t say I disagree

Thank you, Magic!

Will he ever be traded?

Something has to give here

Would you take Sabonis for Simmons?

The audacity of Doc here

Trade Beal to the Sixers

Oh come on!!!



I hope you don’t believe a word DeSantis says

Don the Con Jr. always talking nonsense

Something seems fishy here

The final update

Do you agree?

Someone is going to whine about this

There it is! The guy that’s offended by everything brown is the first to cry

Why didn’t they cut the feed off?

Not what you want to see

“That’s hot!”

R.I.P. Meat Loaf

Lego Star Wars

Rey Mysterio on WWE2K22 cover

Smackdown results

Jon Moxley is back

Beer showers??? Count me in!

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