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Your Pi Brew (2/17/22): James Harden presser, Ben Simmons media rebuild tour, and more

We’re back with a new Brew. James Harden and Ben Simmons both had their introductory press conferences with their new teams. A big-time name has left AEW. A WWE legend is rumored to potentially return at WrestleMania. The Super Bowl, to no one’s surprise, drew huge numbers. We have a lot to get to, so let’s do this. It’s Brew time!

This is like a great dream

The Beard is in the building

Harden to play after the All-Star break

From the Harden press conference

The full press conference

Harden rings the bell

The National media is something

And just like that, Mister Softee Ben Simmons is magically back on the court

Simmons rubs me the wrong way

Simmons speaks

Dan really doesn’t want the smoke

NBA All-Star performers

Wells Fargo Center news

Early odds for next year’s Super Bowl

Will Carson Wentz need to find a new home?

The 49ers got hacked?

Is Richard Sherman right?

Big ratings for the Super Bowl

Pats dynasty documentary coming soon

The return of DeShaun Watson?

Translation: We can’t win Super Bowls any more, so we’ll take participation trophies

Claude Giroux on the move?


Matt Harvey testifies

This is a great tool for Republican fundraising

The walls are closing in on the Con Man


I believe Palin did damage to her own careerΒ 

The Roots picnic is back

Color me shocked

Justin Bieber…big fan of Eminem

Malik Monk and Iggy Azalea

The “Hot” Mom is not having it

*NSFW – This Eagles fan is amazing

Blue’s Clues movie coming in 2023

Big news for parents looking to distract their kids for a little bit

There are double standards for sure

Joker apparently did his own research

Arizona looks to be playing in the old ECW arena next season

Brrrrooooooccccckkkkk Lessssssnnnnarrrrrr!!!!

The interview recap

Stone Cold at Wrestlemania?

Stone Cold’s WM opponent?

23 years ago


Statement from Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes answers a question that no one asked about

Spot on, Nick

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