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Your Pi Brew (2/7/22): NHL All-Star Game, Joe Rogan, and more

We’re back with a new Brew. As the NBA trade deadline looming, we’re left wondering if these are the final days in Philadelphia for Ben Simmons? Will James Harden get traded? What does Daryl Morey have up his sleeves? Joe Rogan is a racist. The NHL All-Star game was held in Las Vegas on Saturday night and a Flyer took home the MVP honors.  Let’s get right to it. It’s Brew time!

How soft is Ben Simmons?

This fan is most of us

Is Morey going to pull off a blockbuster?

The NBA All-Star game court has been revealed and it’s meh…

Doug Pederson lands his next head coaching job

The owner weighs in

The NFL is missing out

John Elway statement on the Brian Flores situation

Awesome story

The year will be 2075 and Dallas Cowboy fans will still talk about this

Alvin Kamara is in trouble

In a game not one person cared about

Primetime speaks

Joe Rogan is a racist pig

Here’s the clip

 Still think Rogan isn’t a racist?

Change of heart for the Rock?

Spotify has Rogan’s back (because all of the money he makes them)

Jim Jordan is hiding something, per usual…

And to think…75 million voted for the Orange con man

Get the popcorn

*Spoiler Alert – Those are the HEALTHIEST cities

More jobs added

This is one battle Portnoy isn’t ready for

Poor Zuckerberg…not

This is probably to fund more trips to space for Jeff Bezos and his rich friends

Horny Teddy Bears

New Nicki Minaj

I hate the name of this

Kanye has a new album coming out soon..can you say publicity stunt?

Mötley Crüe vs Pearl Jam…who wins?

No one wants this

Smackdown results

It’s been a long time coming

Another non-game changing signing coming our way

The Winter Classic is heading back to Fenway Park

Some musician and his hot wife

The Metropolitan division wins the All-Star game

A familiar face takes home the MVP

Slow start, strong finish

Pretty dope

UNC fans let Coach K have it

Coach K and Duke get the last laugh

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