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PA’s iGaming industry is booming, and here’s why

In the US, online gambling has been illegal for many years. Since the iGaming industry first started emerging in the 90s, US lawmakers were mostly against it. However, there has been a shift in attitudes towards the industry in recent years. Pennsylvania has joined the growing number of US states to have fully legalized online gambling, allowing both sports betting and online casinos. Since then, the iGaming industry in PA has gone from strength to strength.

The main reason for the change in attitude towards iGaming has been the potential tax revenue being lost to sites based overseas. When states legalize and regulate the online gambling industry, they can generate massive amounts of tax revenue. New Jersey was one of the earliest examples of this, with its sports betting sites and online casinos now generating tens of millions of dollars each year.

PA legalized online gambling in 2017, leading to the launch of multiple betting sites and PA online casinos. Time2play’s expert reviews help players to navigate the PA iGaming landscape and choose the best sites. This has become more important than ever as there are now loads of different casinos available.

According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s latest numbers, iGaming income in Pennsylvania increased by 57 percent year over year to $93.8 million (PGCB). In a short space of time, the industry has grown significantly and shows no sign of slowing down. Here are some of the main reasons why PA online casinos have been so successful.

The Shutdown

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a shutdown of almost all local businesses in Pennsylvania, including the land-based casinos. Harrah Casino, Parx Casino, and Hollywood Philadelphia, to name a few, all had to close their doors during 2021. With people mostly stuck inside and with not much else to do, many people turned to online casinos for entertainment. These days, playing at an online casino isn’t much different from playing at the real thing, with plenty of games to choose from.

Better Technology

Improvements to technology have made iGaming more appealing than ever. The latest games all feature incredible graphics and animations and help to give players the best possible experience. Many PA online casinos also include live dealer games, which let you join a real table and play opposite a real dealer. As technology improves and sites begin to make use of tech such as virtual reality, the demand for PA iGaming sites will continue to grow.

More Competition

As more iGaming sites open up in PA, the increased competition between online casinos is great news for players. It’s also good news for the industry as a whole. The demand is there from players already, and more sites offering new experiences will only encourage more people to sign up and play. This creates a cycle where players are drawn in by better bonuses, games, and rewards as sites compete with one another.

Big Investment

Some of the biggest iGaming brands in the world have invested in the PA sector. Pennsylvania has taken the number one spot from New Jersey in terms of iGaming revenue, and this has attracted global investment. The results of this mean better casino products for players as well as increased marketing to drive more sign-ups.

The potential for the PA market to continue growing is very high, especially as more investors become aware of the possibilities of iGaming and what it can mean for them. It’s unclear whether other states around the US will follow the full legalization policy of Pennsylvania, but the upsides can’t be ignored. The state now makes far more tax revenue than ever before, and this is expected to continue increasing.

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