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Your Pi Brew (4/28/22): 76ers look to finish off the Raptors, Elon Musk, and more

We’re back with a new Brew. Doc Rivers and the 76ers are getting extremely close to the biggest choke job in NBA history. The Brooklyn Nets have a Ben Simmons problem. Speaking of problems, Ja Morant is a monster. Elon Musk bought Twitter. We have a lot to get to, so let’s do this. It’s Brew time!

Uh oh…please don’t do this Sixers

Is Doc going to add to his awful resume this year?


Are the Sixers feeling the heat?

The Drake curse is legit

Why doesn’t this surprise me?

Damn right

This is a circus


The NFL Draft starts tonight

Well deserved for Ja Morant

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!!

And a game winner for Ja

Elon Musk has bought Twitter

I can’t disagree

Why is this pig not in jail yet?

D#ck stain Donald NEVER stops lying

Speaking of liars

Voting matters

Tucker Carlson is talking about balls

America’s next nightmare…Tucker Carlson running for President?

The Best Cheesesteaks In Philly

Gourmet Thursday at Fink’s Hoagies

They’re baaaaaccckkkk!!!!

Kylie Jenner takes the stand

Margot Robbie as Barbie

Halle Berry in a jumpsuit is the content that I’m here for

Future tracklist and features

Diddy to host the Billboard music awards

The Batman 2 is happening

Avatar 2

Da Fuq are they talking about????

What an interesting trio

The Rock the Bells festival looks to be fire!!!


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Julia Fox in NY

This is an incredible video

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