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The five most impactful trades of the 2022 NFL off-season

The NFL has seen such a huge variety in talent ever since the beginning. Because of this, the odds of each team winning the Super Bowl of any given season can vary significantly. Check out the latest NFL betting spreads for up-to-date information and predictions.

During the offseason, each franchise undergoes some level of restructuring. This can allow them to increase their chances of winning, or replace some of their weakest players. Certain players can be traded between teams, subject to contract negotiations.

As a result, newly restructured teams can train together and begin to work on their defense and offense on the field. By the time that the season begins, there are much higher chances of winning. Here are some of the most impactful trades to occur during the 2022 offseason. 

Carson Wentz

Firstly, one trade that has changed the record for the Washington Commanders was the move of Carson Wentz. Even though recent seasons have not turned out in his favor, Wentz is definitely a high achieving quarterback within the NFL. Because the Indianapolis Colts are resetting their player arrangements and changing the record, Wentz moved to the Commanders during the offseason. 

Even though this is not considered a long-term solution for the franchise, it will certainly help them to get through the following season. Wentz is a high achieving quarterback, and the change of scenery is expected to pay off. In exchange, the Colts got third round picks, which has come at the right time for the franchise. 

Von Miller

Another player who was believed to be past his prime is Von Miller. In spite of this, the edge-rusher is the quarterback of choice for the Buffalo Bills this season. Considering how well he performed within the AFC, Miller certainly stands out for his elite level of athleticism. 

During last year’s regular season, Miller finished with 13.5 sacks. That’s up there with some of the younger rookies who are just getting started. Considering that Miller is 32-years old, he is showing no signs of slowing down. This quarterback definitely has a lot to offer, and it is exciting to see how he will perform with the Bills when there is more pressure on him. 

J.C. Jackson

His addition to the Los Angeles Chargers is predicted to bring an incredible amount of good luck and success to the franchise. This is because J.C. Jackson had finished the last season with All-Pro selection, 37 pass defenses, and 17 interceptions during his time with the New England Patriots. 

 The defensive player definitely has a natural talent, and he is anticipated to progress within the Chargers as the cornerback. The Patriots are likely to suffer as a result of losing Jackson, but it allows Jalen Mills and Jonathan Jones to prove themselves on the field. As for J.C. Jackson, there are high expectations placed on him, and he has shown that he is capable of reaching these in the past. 

Davante Adams & Derek Carr

A duo have been reunited in the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason. Former teammates in college, Adams and Carr first played together at Fresno State in 2012. Ten years later, the two are able to reconnect and show the world how well they play together on the same team. 

Contract extensions were getting complicated for Adams and the Green Bay Packers. Because of this, they dealt the wide receiver to the Raiders in exchange for more options during the NFL draft the following season. Many have already named Adams as one of the league’s best receivers, and he is predicted to see a great deal of success reinforcing Carr’s efforts on the field. 

Russell Wilson

Finally, Russell Wilson has been traded to the Denver Broncos during the offseason. Despite adding high achieving players to the mix consistently, the Broncos have not had a successful couple of years within the NFL. The Denver Broncos were having an unlucky time before drafting Wilson into the mix. 

The quarterback has an excellent track record for 3,706 passing yards and 8.7 interceptions. He was drafted to the Broncos in an attempt to change their fate during the offseason. Wilson has high expectations for the Broncos, and he aims to achieve big things during his time on the field. This can be seen by the quarterback stating that he will bring the franchise to its first ten-win season since 2015. 


There are so many ways that players can change a franchise’s predictions and outcomes. Some rookies could be preparing for an explosive season, while others may be ready to enjoy a slightly slower pace. The NFL has seen its fair share of high achieving players on the field who can change how a team approaches the game. 

Likewise, it can impact a team’s offense as well as their defense. Consider the range of rookies that are being drafted as well as the more experienced players who are being traded to other franchises. The exchange and negotiation can take a little time to settle, especially if the player is in high demand. 

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