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Your Pi Brew (12/12/2022): Eagles-Giants, Joel Embiid, and more

We’re back with an all new Brew. The Birds kicked the Giants butts on Sunday. Joel Embiid had another monster game. Four teams remain in the World Cup. John Cena will make his return to the WWE. We have a lot to get to, so lets do this! It’s Brew time.

Win number 12 for the Birds

Big day for Miles Sanders

You’re damn right!

The NFL playoff picture

New 76ers proposed arena issues???

Monster night for JoJo

This brings a tear to my eye..

The Padres get another stud

Croatia stuns Brazil

Neymar is amazing, but this goal wasn’t enough

Harry Kane choked for England

Kane owns it

The Final Four

Grant Wahl passes away

Dope ass mural

Looks like Tom Brady has a hot new fan…

Robert Irvine speaks on Philabundance

Brittney Griner released in prisoner swap with Russia

The “Boy in the Box” is identified

Not shocked…yet again

The selfish lady strikes again

New lawsuit against Elon Musk and Twitter

The End for Trevor Noah at the Daily Show

R. Kelly drops new album

A bloodier Scream????

Time for some meats and treats

Sexiest looks for Nicki Minaj

Yes! Yes! Yes!

My crush too!!!

John Cena returning to WWE Smackdown

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