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Your Pi Brew (1/17/23): NFL’s Super Wild Card Weekend, Joel Embiid, and more

We’re back with an all new Brew. Joel Embiid hit a game winner on Saturday night in Utah. The NFL’s super wild card weekend is in the books. Next week’s opponent for the Eagles has been determined. The 49ers defense proved dominant again in the second half. Dougie P and the Jags pulled off a massive comeback against the Chargers. We have a lot to get to as always, so lets do this! It’s Brew time.

The Birds need this!!!!

Eagles vs the Giants at the Linc loading

Giants take out the Vikings

The Jaguars stun the Chargers

Dougie P with the victory speech

San Francisco is looking really good right now…

The Bengals eliminate the Ravens

The next round of games

The end of Derek Carr as a Raider

Jojo wins it for the Sixers

Embiid vibes with the Jazz dancers

Al Morganti news

The Phillies may have a future stud here

Tragedy in Athens


Alabama basketball news

A look behind the curtain of the chaotic return of Vinny Mac

No way would Vince sell to his competitor

Internal reactions to the return of Vince

Alcohol prices go up

Ron Johnson and Republicans are SCARED of questions

Elon Musk is paying the price for his childish behavior

Miami’s love affair

She is smokin’ hot!

7th dead Whale washes ashore in a month

Is it a wind project?

Lord have mercy on my soul

Speaking of…

Treat time…

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