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Your Pi Brew (1/30/23): Eagles are heading back to the Super Bowl, WWE Royal Rumble, and more

We’re back with an all new Brew. The Eagles brutalized the 49ers quarterbacks and the Niners’ souls on Sunday. Andy Reid and the Chiefs will be waiting in Arizona for the Eagles. Sami Zayn made his decision at the Royal Rumble and paid for it. Cody Rhodes and Rhea Ripley stood tall in the Rumble matches. Joel Embiid keeps getting screwed. We have a lot to get to as always, so lets do this! It’s Brew time.

Eagles are heading back to the Super Bowl

The recap

Sing it loud and sing it proud

49ers coaching staff screwed up big time

This play changed the game…

NY shows some love

Meek Mill drops an Eagles freestyle

The MVP celebrates

Party time

Booing hurts Niner fans feelings

The Slays step up as always…

You knew it was coming

Dude makes quick work of the pole

Joel Embiid towers over Kevin Hart

The Chiefs eliminate the Bengals

Travis Kelce is always running his mouth

Eagles vs Chiefs

Brother vs Brother

Damn right

This will be good

Damar Hamlin speaks

Kellen Moore kicked to the curb by the Cowboys

JoJo gets in the head of KD

The NBA is soft

Ummmmm….where’s JoJo???

The West

What do we think of these???

Sami Zayn made his choice

This storyline has it all

Cody Rhodes wins the Men’s Royal Rumble

Rhea Ripley was the last woman standing

Bray Wyatt takes out LA Knight

The full Royal Rumble results

Memphis Police murder Tyre Nichols

The Obamas speak out

What an absolute loser

Ron DeSantis’ disdain for anyone not white shows…again

Hey Alexa…show me a miserable woman

Hotel plans for North Philly

Olivia Dunne has them going crazy

It’s that special time of the week…

Hailey Biebs in a bikini top with over $350K worth of diamonds

Gisele Bündchen gets cheeky

Top 100 Prospects list

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