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Shooters Pod: WWF Over The Edge ’98: In Your House Deep Dive

In 2023, the WWF’s Attitude Era doesn’t particularly hold up well. The family-friendly form of entertainment Vince McMahon loved to overwhelm advertisers with was “definitely passé” and the company ushered in an era that took unruly behavior to an entirely new level.

But in May 1998, we may have witnessed one of the greatest main events of that era when Stone Cold Steve Austin defended the WWF Championship against Dude Love for the second straight pay-per-view, but this time, Vince McMahon would be the special guest referee. Pat Patterson would be the special guest ring announcer – and what a fine job he did. Gerald Brisco would be the guest timekeeper. If it seems like that’s an overbooked mess, well, it was. But it was one of the best overbooked messes we’ve ever seen in professional wrestling sports entertainment.

This week, the guys dive deep into it all!

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