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Your Pi Brew (7/17/23): Juicy Phillies rumors, James Harden, Eminem, and more

We’re back with an all new Brew. There’s a bunch of juicy rumors circulating about the Phillies right now, but will any come true? The Phillies schedule for 2024 was released. Jason Kelce is that dude. When will the James Harden saga end? We have a lot to get to as always, so lets do this. It’s Brew time.

Jason Kelce keeps it real

Eagles chants at the American Century golf championship

DeAndre Hopkins to the Titans

I can’t wait til the James Harden saga is over

I could see Soto in a Phillies uniform

No way this happens

The Phillies schedule for 2024 has been released

Schedule highlights

The MLB heads to Korea next season

Rivers Casino to open a hotel

Pig d*ck sucks at golf

It’s time to hold Faux News accountable

Color-changing car from BMW

Eminem stands his ground against Suge Knight and Company???

“Book of Hov” Exhibit in Brooklyn

I wasn’t expecting that

This would be dope

Jimmy Butler and Shakira????

Charles Barkley with an important message

Interested in free Super Bowl tickets???

Katy Perry looks amazing

Holy sh*t!!!

Cover Photo Credit: Phillies

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