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Your Pi Brew (1/15/24): NFL Super Wild Card Weekend, Eagles coaching rumors, and more

Cover Photo Credit: NFL

We’re back with an all new Brew. The NFL playoffs kicked off over the weekend. The Eagles will be without AJ Brown tonight for their matchup against the Bucs. What is next for the Rock? We have a ton to get to as always, so lets do this. It’s Brew time!

Need a place to watch the Eagles play???

Can Gillie help save the season???

Welp! This blows…

This is not ideal going into a playoff game

Just hush up already and play, Slay

Can TB stop the tush push?

Are these the best candidates to potentially replace Nick Sirianni?

Does Kevin Hart know Eagles football????


Every single year…

A historic playoff loss thread…

Chiefs take down the Dolphins

Is it possible for them to ride the D?????

Texans eliminate the Browns

Pittsburgh vs Buffalo postponed

Wicked scene in Buffalo

Bill Belichick and New England agree to part ways

A new era in New England

NFL and ESPN about to embark on huge partnership????

The downward spiral of Aaron Rodgers

B*tch behavior by LeBron

Bulls fans embarrass themselves

What is next for The Rock????

Stone cold takes a cold plunge

What a surprise

Jay-Z sounds brutal on this track

Curb’s final season trailer

I’d like to borrow J-Lo from Ben Affleck for just one night…

Rubi Rose knows how to get attention

Mercedes MonΓ© lookin cute!

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