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Your Pi Brew (1/29/24): WWE Royal Rumble Results, Eagles coaching updates, and more

Cover Photo Credit: WWE 

We’re back with an all new Brew. Joel Embiid is an all-star. The Super Bowl is set. The road to Wrestlemania in PHILADELPHIA has officially kicked off. The Royal Rumble was held on Saturday night. Donald Trump and MAGA must be stopped. For ONE LAST TIME, we have a ton to get to. So lets do this. It’s Brew time!

Kellen Moore gets the Birds’ OC gig

Vic Fangio will lead the Eagles defense

Andy Reid and his Chiefs are heading back to the Super Bowl

Get ready for even more Taylor Mania…

The Niners advanced

The Lions choked

Eminem at the NFC Championship game

The Super Bowl is set

No surprise here

The NBA East All-Star starters

The NBA West All-Star starters

More allegations come out against Vince McMahon

This is sick!!!

The road to Wrestlemania in Philly

Will Cody finish the story this time?

Bayley wins the women’s rumble match

Jade Cargill makes her in-WWE ring debut in impressive fashion

Full Royal Rumble results

You can’t see John Cena

Lola Vice and Rhea Ripley hang out

Tony Luke’s owners sentenced in fraud scheme

Puttshack in Center City…

Another loss for the con-man

America MUST fight back against D*ck stain Donald

If you stand with Donald Trump…YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!

This is MAGA

More shenanigans from Trump’s days as POTUS

Eminem kills this track…

New Justin Timberlake…

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