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Your Pi Brew (1/4/24): Joel Embiid returns to the lineup, Eagles concerns, and more

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We’re back with an all new Brew. The 76ers are playing well thanks to Tyrese Maxey and a returning Joel Embiid. The Eagles season is heading down the toilet fast, but who is to blame? We have a ton to get to as always, so lets do this. It’s Brew time!

Joel Embiid and the 76ers start off the year in dominant fashion

Jolly Ranchers are good

Strong statement from Pat Beverley

Tyrese Maxey is showing the league what he’s made of

Will the real Jalen Hurts please stand up?

AJ Brown speaks

Should Nick be worried???

Perhaps trying to force him the ball is part of the problem????

Brian Baldinger takes aim at Jordan Davis

Are the Phillies going to nab a top pitcher in free agency?

Rhea Ripley drives the internet wild


The New Mayor’s agenda

What the hell is going on in AC?

Once a Con-Man, always a Con-Man

Faux News involved in some drama

Will the Philly area get snow this weekend?

Jimmy Kimmel responds to Aaron Rodgers

Pat MaCafee apologizes for sh*tbag Aaron Rodgers

Crazy scene in Japan

Is Kanye exploiting his wife for personal gain???

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