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Philly springs into clean-up mode

Spring is here in Philly, and so is the street sweeping season! Heads up, everyone—keep an eye out for those parking signs because from April to November, keeping our streets clean is a big deal around here. We’re not just sprucing up–we’re on a mission to make Philly shine like never before.

Keeping Up the Good Work

Remember to move your cars once a week if you’re in one of those designated neighborhoods. Check out the “No Parking” times on the street signs so you’re in the clear. Street sweeping started as a pilot under the Kenney administration and has turned into a key part of keeping our city looking great. We’re targeting 14 neighborhoods that really need that extra shine, so that our streets and sidewalks are something we can all be proud of.

Growth Under Mayor Parker’s Guidance

Thanks to Mayor Cherelle Parker’s enthusiasm and leadership, we’ve expanded the program to include seven more neighborhoods like Strawberry Mansion, Logan, Kensington, and West Philly. It’s all part of the bigger plan to make Philly the neatest large city in the States. We’re seeing real boots-on-the-ground action here!

Set Those Reminders

This street sweeping operation isn’t just a once-in-a-while affair – it’s a finely-tuned, rigorously planned effort. We’ve got a solid system in place, with street cleaners making their rounds from Monday to Thursday every single week. So be sure to mind your parking– in other words, move your car as needed unless you’re looking to snag a parking ticket. By faithfully following this routine, every little corner and hidden spot in our neighborhood gets the attention and sprucing up it needs. It’s truly a group endeavor, with every one of us playing an essential role in keeping our neighborhood blocks not just clean, but immaculately orderly.

What Happens if you Ignore the Rules

If you don’t move your vehicle to make way for the street sweepers, city crews are going to step in and do it for you. However, the ease with which they can find a new parking spot for your car heavily depends on the layout and width of your specific block. And let’s be real, parking in this city can be a bit of a puzzle, so even the city teams might find it tricky to squeeze vehicles into new spots.

Now, just so you’re in the loop, the grace period where they were just giving out friendly reminders? Yeah, that’s winding down. They’ve been pretty clear that starting April 29, they’ll begin issuing fines if they catch your car parked where it blocks the sweeping operations. So, it’s a good idea to start paying closer attention to those parking signs and keeping an eye on the sweep schedule to avoid any unwelcome fines.

Drive Carefully, Philly!

With our streets buzzing with pedestrians, bikes, and cars, staying alert at the wheel is crucial. Stick to the speed limit, follow those traffic lights, and keep an eye out for any surprise road changes, especially with all the cleaning going on. And here’s one more important bit: ditch the distractions—no texting or scrolling through playlists. But despite being cautious, accidents can happen. Weather can turn sour, or you might encounter some unexpected litter or miss a road sign. If things go south, and you find yourself in a jam, reaching out to a Philly injury lawyer is your best bet because they’ll walk you through the ropes, so that you’re covered for any losses or damages.

So, let’s rally together and keep Philly not only historic but also spotlessly beautiful. Here’s to a clean sweep of a season!

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