Sons Of Ben: The Movie

In what is the ultimate, “started from the bottom” scenario. The Philadelphia Union soccer club was created by one group and one group alone. The Sons Of Ben. Last night the “Sons Of Ben: The Movie” premiered to a jam packed house at the Trocadero. Having been a Union supporter for the last 3 seasons, (franchise played 1st game, March 2010) I knew a little about the S.O.B. going in. However, there were some amazing, “were from Philly and nobody likes us” (we don’t care) moments that I’m not even sure present day Union diehards know about. My top moment from last nights movie and maybe the tipping point to finally landing the franchise was when the Sons Of Ben, a Philadelphia soccer fan base with NO TEAM remind you, decided to round up the troops and head down to RFK stadium in Washington DC, where the MLS championship game was being played in 2007. A small group of 25 Philly diehards, crashed the MLS party and made it known, that they were in the building.  Every west end corner kick, live on TV, during the MLS championship game, there was a small streak of “Pennsylvania State Flag Blue.” It was the Sons Of Ben singing, banging drums and creating a scene for all soccer fans to see. Brilliant and Ballsy. Normally when describing a Philadelphia fan, one of those words isn’t mentioned all that much. Well, in order for the Sons Of Ben to finally get their wish granted, they needed to be both. And thats what comes across in the “Sons Of Ben: The Movie.” I can’t wait for Philly to see this film!

Few rumors I heard last night: ESPN and Fox are looking to show the film. The short series, 30 for 30 was mentioned as well. (I said rumors) Hopefully, Comcast realizes that its a home run and they can some how get a chance to show it, because it doesn’t get any more Philly than this. Since the beginning of the year, it has appeared in film festivals in several countries and how bout this, it won the grand prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Told you it was good.

Pics from last night: #SonsOfBenMovie









“Lets get weird” was a twitter slogan for last nights premiere, so I pulled out the camo Blue socks.








Union manager (from Philly and played ball at Nova) Jim Curtin










Union Forward: Andrew Wenger










Amazing details: @sweetd_delights with some Union treats












Union Midfielder: Michael Lahoud










#NiceThings @ChillMoody is everywhere! (More on the homie, Chill Moody tomorrow)









And “One Of Us” from Philly: Union Midfielder, Zach Pfeffer 







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