Video: Adult Penguins Fan Steals Puck from a Kid

I don’t really need to document how much we hate the Penguins and why. They cry, shit-talk, and do everything in their capability year in and year out to be the most insufferable fans. We can go ahead and give them that award because, damn it, they earned it.

So a couple nights ago, to continue their reign of terror, and old man stole a puck from a little kid. Keep in mind this wasn’t a Pens fan in enemy territory, but rather fan on little kid fan crime.

Even the announcers were hating on this move. How do you not even consider giving the puck up? Especially because you knew it wasn’t thrown to you!? He had a grab-and-go on that. Snatched it, laughed in the kid’s face, and then sat down to talk to his equally overweight, boring friend about how he hates his life and wife.

Do you, Pittsburgh!

And, as always, I’m required to post this video.–KvRYIXHC4

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