Stephen Colbert Throws His Support Behind Villanova

When the Villanova Wildcats play the Oklahoma Sooners in Houston on Saturday night in the Final Four, one of the most awesome guys in the world will be throwing his support behind the team. Colbert returned from vacation this week and started talking with his band leader, Jon Batiste. The topic of March Madness came up, when Colbert stated who he was rooting for.

It turns out that Colbert is even more awesome than I thought. Here’s what Colbert had to say courtesy of the 700 Level.

“I’m pulling for Villanova right now. I was pulling for UVA but they collapsed in the face of Syracuse last night. The last minutes they gave up like 27 points to 8 points in the last six minutes of the game. It was the biggest stomping Virginia’s had since like 1865. So now I have to go Villanova.”

Right on! The man has great taste. You can listen to the full exchange here and specifically at the 8 minute mark for the Nova comments.

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