Jon Gruden: “Philly Has Too Many Quarterbacks”

When the Eagles traded up to the No. 2 spot in the draft, many assumed it was to draft Carson Wentz before anyone else had the chance. With the rumors swirling that the Rams were hot for Jared Goff, the Eagles pretty much seem to be right where they want to be so they can grab Wentz. Sam Bradford is reportedly pissed about it, even though his contract is basically a one-year deal that the Eagles can easily get out of after next season. Bradford’s so pissed that he apparently wants to be traded.

And so it goes. Despite Howie Roseman saying that Bradford will be the starter next season, apparently the non-franchise quarterback views trading up for the No. 2 pick is a slight at him. It might be. But there’s a reason they only signed him to a two-year deal, which is essentially a one-year deal. He can’t possibly be that dumb. Unless the Eagles lied to him.

In steps Jon Gruden. Gruden, who was rumored to be an Eagles’ head coaching candidate when Jeffrey Lurie fired Chip Kelly, said the Eagles have too many quarterbacks to keep everyone happy. Even though, you know, they have two currently on the roster. And, you know, teams usually carry three quarterbacks in the regular season. But, whatever. [Philly.com]

The problem right now I see in Philadelphia is they have too many quarterbacks to be friendly with,” said ESPN analyst Jon Gruden, a former Super Bowl-winning head coach and Eagles assistant. “How are they going to distribute any reps and get anybody ready when you got Sam Bradford making $18 million, you’ve got Chase Daniel who’s a backup making $7 million, and now you have the No. 2 pick in the draft? I don’t know how you’re going to get these guys reps and get them ready, but Doug Pederson will have to answer that.”

Answer’s simple. Draft Ezekiel Elliott. But, seriously, if the Eagles told Bradford they weren’t going to draft a quarterback and that he would have every opportunity to earn a long-term contract based on his play next season, I can see why he’d be so pissed. I don’t think Gruden’s necessarily wrong here, but I also think it’s a situation that’s easily been blown out of proportion. Gruden thinks the reps during training camp and practices will be a problem with Bradford, Daniel and likely Carson Wentz on the roster.

When you look at the amount of reps you can have with your team, that number is substantially less than it was five years ago with this new collective bargaining agreement,” Gruden said. “You’ve got a new head coach who’s running a new offensive system – he better get it in there quickly, because the games are about to start – so who’s going to get the reps and who’s going to get the leftovers?
“You don’t have time to get three guys reps. You just don’t. If you do, you’re not running a real sophisticated offense. It’s hard to get one guy to go today, let alone two. So there could be a trade. I don’t want to start any rumors in Philadelphia, but if they do draft a quarterback with all they have invested in him, I’m sure they’ll want to get him as many reps as possible, and that’s going to make somebody I think unhappy and perhaps expendable.”

I get Gruden’s point. I just don’t think it should be as big a deal as it’s getting. And apparently that’s all coming from Bradford. Doug Pederson said that Bradford shouldn’t worry if the Eagles draft a quarterback or worry about Daniel last month at the league meetings:

Honestly, if you’re the starter, who cares?” Pederson said. “Why are you looking over your shoulder, if you’re the starter? And that’s the way Sam has to approach this. Even with Chase [Daniel] there. And even if we go out and draft a quarterback this year. If you’re the guy, you’re the guy. You’re looking forward and not behind. If you’re constantly looking behind, that’s a problem.”

I guess Bradford’s not listening to his head coach.

Do you agree with Gruden? If the Eagles draft Wentz, or any other quarterback with the No. 2 pick, will that be “too many quarterbacks” on the roster?


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