UberEATS Launches Today in Philly and Offers Free Delivery

In the vein of GrubHub, Postmates, Caviar, and Fooda, driving service Uber launched UberEATS last year. The popular alternative to taxis and public transportation, Uber provided a synergy between the everyday person and car services. Many lovers of the car service and Philadelphia residents, lamented when they heard the popular company skipped The City of Brotherly Love when UberEATS launched initially. Now, the company is engraving itself in the local food market and bringing its innovation to save many Philadelphians’ grumbling stomach. UberEATS has dawned officially on the Philadelphia horizon and will offer a selection of over 100 restaurants.

The on-demand service launched officially today at 7am. If you’re a frequenter eclectic places such as Buddakan, any other Stephen Starr restaurant, or enjoy the simplicity of the unparalleled Philadelphia Pretzel Factory, UberEATS has it all. UberEATS uses an app completely separate from its ride-sharing hub. The app is free to download at the IOS store and on Google play. Once you download the app you’ll be surprised and happy to learn that for a limited time, UberEATS is offering free delivery. UberEATS has not stated when the promotion will end but when it does, the delivery fee will be $4.99.

The service, that can be used with the swipe of your fingertip, offers quick delivery with restaurant presentation. Once you download the app, your location will provide a list of restaurants and food distributors that are accessible and available. Some places will appear illuminated while others will be dim. This tool helps users quickly distinguish between what’s open and closed. It’s as user-friendly as its parent app and links to your Uber account for payment.

Uber’s great advantage is that the company already has a massive fleet and base within the city. Drivers for the company can easily opt-in for UberEATS services and discarded cars who didn’t meet UberX’s standards, like two-door vehicles, are welcomed. The move puts over 12,000 drivers at the startup’s disposal and bridges them with famished customers who have anticipated the launch for quite some time. With the insertion of UberEATS into the city, the conversation over who’s picking up dinner from your favorite eatery may soon be obsolete.

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1 Comment

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    08/18/2016 at 3:11 PM

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